APPV2 – Actualité – Mise en avant

What if PAC-MAN preferred eating Sushi to Pac-Dots ?

Discover PAC-MAN's favourite recipes in the new Limited Edition Sushi Art x PAC-MAN box!

Play with the SUSHI ART X PAC-MAN box ! Be among the best players Sushi Art ! Go to to play.

Discover our new limited edition box:
42 pieces to enjoy, with 3 bonus recipes and no ghosts in sight!

2 Curry Prawn Sushi
6 Yellowtail Yuzu Maki
6 Ikura Vegetable Spring

2 Salmon Sushi
2 Salmon Teriyaki Sushi
6 Salmon Maki
6 Pacific Roll
6 Chicken Katsu Roll
6 Avocado Cheese Spring

Our chefs have been inspired by this iconic game to create 3 addictive recipes! Begin your adventure now!

Curry Prawn Sushi 
Prawn, curry mayonnaise, curry powder, coriander
An irresistable combination of curry spices and delicate prawns!

Yellowtail Yuzu Maki
Yellowtail, miso yuzu mayonnaise, basil, yuzu sesame
The perfect mix of yellowtail and and yuzu will really tickle your tastebuds. It's definitely PAC-MAN's favourite recipe!

Ikura Vegetable Spring
Ikura (salmon roe), avocado, cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, dill, lime
A fresh spring roll with vegetables & Pac-Dots...  (actually delicate salmon roe pearls that pop in your mouth!)

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