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PlayStation's Rise of the Ronin x Sushi Art

Discover PlayStation's Rise of the Ronin x Sushi Art 

And get the chance to win the game of the DLC in this very limited-edition box 

The 3 new creations – a reflection of the 3 factions in PlayStation’s Rise of the Ronin game will spark your taste buds 

8 Sabaku Roll: black angus beef, avocado, carrot, red bell pepper, coriander, chives, red chili, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce and sesame

6 Tobaku Roll: seared salmon, cream cheese, wasabi paste, wasabi peas

6 Obei Roll: shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy mayo, chili filament, sesame

Rise of the Ronin Box – 20 pieces – SAR 99